Web-Based Learning Sites

Below are links to the primary instructional websites that OIC instructors use to create a blended learning experience for students. These sites are used to provided additional academic learning support for our students and are not meant to take the place of face-to-face instruction. You can see your classroom instructor or tutor for more information on how to access and use any of these programs.


PLATO® has a comprehensive selection of on line course content that is aligned to the subjects that your are studying in class. Your teacher will select the content that matches your level and design a course of study just for you. You can use PLATO® at home or in school. See your teacher to get a password to log in to PLATO®.

AZTEC® Learning

AZTEC® Learning helps students who are studying to take the high school equivalency test (GED or HiSET). You can work at your own pace to gain the skills needed to pass the equivalency test. Your teacher can give you a "seat" in the AZTEC® Learning virtual classroom.


The TekniMedia® course teaches learners basic computer skills, file management, basic word processing, using spreadsheets, creating presentations and using databases. Students can access these lessons by asking their teacher for a pass code.

Explore Learning GIZMOS®

GIZMOS® are interactive math and science simulations for students. There are over 400 subject aligned lessons that will help you better understand basic and higher level math and science concepts. Your teacher will give you a class code to get a seat in the GIZMO® classroom.

Digital Challenger®

Digital Challenger® is a series of basic lessons designed to help emergent and ESL learners become better readers through a series of phonics lessons, vocabulary development and story themes. Students can be placed at the right level for their reading ability. Challenger® textbooks are available for students to use to encourage both computer and print based learning. Your teacher can assign a Challenger® level and course of study just for you.

News For You®

This News For You® website offers easy-to-read news stories that can help you learn to read, write, speak, and understand the English language. Seven new stories are posted each Wednesday, along with audio, exercises, vocabulary, a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a poll. Listen to each story in full or sentence-by-sentence. Your teacher can give you the password to start using News For You®.

ESL Reading Smart™

ESL ReadingSmart™ is an innovative, standards-based English language-learning program for grades 4-12. Students can use it as a stand-alone application, or in a blended learning environment that integrates online student work and classroom instruction.  Your teacher can give you a pass code to use ESL ReadingSmart™

Learn American English Online

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more English, and you have a computer at home, this website might be for you! Enjoy the many ways to enhance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  In addition, you will receive practice in pronunciation and vocabulary. There are daily events!  Try the special quizzes! Explore the way that Americans use idioms and slang in their daily speaking!
It’s a great way to help yourself…and it’s free!