Community Education Programs at Tri-County OIC

We believe that educating our community is an essential part of improving the lives of our students and their families, and we invite community members to take advantage of OIC’s innovative community education programs. You do not need to be enrolled in an OIC program to participate in our community education classes and workshops.

Summer Lunch & Reading Program

Healthy Food For Growing Bodies And Minds  

This summer do you need a safe and fun place where your children can eat a nutritious meal? Do you want your children to learn about healthy eating? Do your children want to have fun over the lunch hour? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Tri-County OIC/Harrisburg School District Summer Lunch Program may be just right for you and your children.

What Is The Oic Summer Lunch Program?  

OIC’s Summer Lunch program is 90 minutes of fun, with educational activities and fresh nutritious food for school-age children. Summer Lunch is OIC’s way of helping you be sure that your children receive a healthy meal over the summer while they are out of school. It also is our way of keeping your children active in reading, math, and writing so they are ready to learn when they return to school. Every day during Summer Lunch your children will have fun doing school-related activities such as reading, writing and arts and crafts.

Who Is Eligible For Summer Lunch?  

  • anyone from age one through age 18 can attend
  • children on summer break
  • children attending nurseries or day care programs
  • children attending church summer school
  • children from the neighborhood

What Are The Rules For Summer Lunch?  

Simple rules help OIC make sure that everyone is getting the nutrition they need:

  • lunch must be eaten on site
  • food must stay in the lunch room
  • you must sign up for lunch the day before the next meal is served
  • small children must be accompanied by a responsible older child or adult

Where And When Can Children Get Their Summer Lunch Meal?  

Summer Lunch is held across the street from the OIC building in the Community Room of The Residences at Governor’s Square at 2018 North Fifth Street in Harrisburg. Meals are served from 12 to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Activities are held from 11:30 a.m. to noon.

How Do I Register My Child For Summer Lunch Meal?  

To register for Summer Lunch, stop by Tri-County OIC, 500 Maclay Street. After you fill out a registration card for your children, they can start attending the Summer Lunch program.

What Is Oic’s Summer Reading Program?  

OIC’s Summer Reading Program helps children become better readers. Summer Reading offers entertaining classes and workshops that help children have fun with reading and learning.


  • Any school-age child is eligible to participate in the Summer Reading Program.


You can participate in the Summer Reading program by attending the Summer Lunch Program. If you are not able to attend lunch, you can participate by picking up and completing a summer reading book list.


Contact OIC at 238-7318 or