Tr-County OIC Bookymobile

Tr-County OIC Bookymobile

What is the BOOKYMOBILE®?

The BookyMobile® is OIC’s free book give-away on wheels. The BookyMobile® travels to neighborhoods, community events, schools, churches, and daycare centers throughout Dauphin County distributing free books to residents. The BookyMobile® has traveled as far as Lancaster and Philadelphia to help spread the joy of reading.

What is the History of the BOOKYMOBILE®?

The idea for the BookyMobile® came about when students told us they wanted more books for their children to read at home. The parents wanted their children to be able to keep the books. The kids wanted books that they could read over and over again. They also wanted to build home libraries so that their pre-school kids would be able to get ready for school and their school-age kids would advance to the next grade level. Many of the families that we serve did not have the resources to buy books nor did they have easy access to libraries.

In response, OIC created a program called Reading For Life. In 2007, OIC purchase a mobile home and with a start-up grant from the Verizon Foundation converted a used trailer into the OIC BookyMobile®. For 10 years the BookyMobile® has gone directly into communities and neighborhoods to distribute free books, school supplies and home schooling resources to over 40,000 people.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

— Booky Bee

How can the BOOKYMOBILE give away so many books?

Our community partners, book lovers, libraries, civic organizations, book companies, foundations, and area corporations have donated thousands of books and thousands of dollars to help promote and supply the BookyMobile® with free books for children and adults.

How can you get the BOOKYMOBILE® to visit your neighborhood?

If you would like the BookyMobile® to visit your neighborhood or community event, contact OIC at 238-7318. Or email us at

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