About the Tri-County OIC Adult Learning Center

Since 1965, Tri-County OIC Adult Learning Center has provided quality academic, vocational, workforce, and family education classes at more than 50 community, workplace and institutional sites in Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and York counties.

We offer programs to help our students achieve basic literacy, workplace, life, family and computer literacy skills. At OIC our students can earn their high school equivalency diploma, prepare for vocational skills training, transition into employment or enroll into higher education classes.

OIC provides academic support and barrier removal services that help students succeed in school and make the transition into continuing education and employment.


OIC's mission is to deliver high quality, learner-focused education and training services. We accomplish this by capitalizing on the experience of our staff, the support of our partners, and the resources of our community. Through education we help our students become better workers, better citizens, and better family members.

At OIC... "We train people for life."


Tri-County OIC Programs


Adult Education

Want to improve your reading, writing, and/or math skills? Can you enroll in daytime or evening classes? Whether you need to brush up on your basic skills or earn a GED® to advance your career, OIC has a program to suit your needs.

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Family Education

Do you want to help your children learn and succeed in school? Become a better teacher and role model for your kids? Learn useful skills as a parent? If so, OIC's innovative family literacy programs can help you advance your own academic goals while you help your children. Students study family-friendly lessons on such topics as financial literacy and healthcare. They can take advantage of free copies of the local, monthly Central Penn Parent magazine. They learn the math and reading skills needed to help their children with homework. And when they earn their high school diploma, they become a successful role model for their entire family.



Community Education

We believe that educating our community is an essential part of improving the lives of our students and their families, and we invite community members to take advantage of OIC's innovative community education programs. You do not need to be enrolled in an OIC program to participate in our community education classes and workshops.


Workforce Education

Do you want to get ahead at your job but need more education to help you succeed? Through OIC's programs, we can help you realize your dreams. We can help you improve your language skills, math skills and get your GED® or High School Diploma. The choice is yours, and OIC is ready to help.

Tri-County OIC Anthony Russell

In the Spotlight


High school offered too much drama for Anthony Russell, who dropped out because he couldn’t focus on his studies. He was doing well academically, but the distractions left him unable to do as well as he felt he could. After leaving school, Anthony joined the Jobs Corps, but only finished part of the course. Two years later, he enrolled at Tri-County OIC after hearing about it from friends. “I realized I needed to complete my high school education to get to where I wanted to be,” said Anthony, 19, about what caused him to finally get serious.